Give Carleton students the opportunity to truly realize their ability to change the world.

Support the Fund for Good, an endowed challenge fund for alumni to support academic experiential learning. This dollar-for-dollar matching challenge asks alumni like you to invest in community engagement and service–Carleton’s founding values, and the values upon which future grads can build a meaningful career.

The Background

Carleton was founded by the community to serve a community need. Though both have grown since the founding in 1942, Carleton has continuously maintained its strong presence and commitment to serving the community in which it was founded. It’s a value we also see in faculty, our students and our alumni. Together, through higher education, we give back to the community we serve.

Fund for Good is our chance to come together and create lasting change for future graduates. It’s our chance to help cultivate a new generation of leaders, and to celebrate the good that Carleton students and grads are doing on campus, throughout Canada and around the globe.

The Rollout

When you invest in Fund for Good, you’re giving students the opportunity to get engaged in their field of study beyond the classroom. Even more importantly, you’re giving students the opportunity to see and truly realize their ability to change the world.

Students of all academic backgrounds can apply to the fund for resources and support for out-of-classroom initiatives – opportunities that help them further their education but understand the impact they can have in the world at the same time. Not only does this enhance their education, it also helps continue to build upon Carleton’s founding spirit of community service, good citizenship and social good.

Carleton will match all gifts dollar for dollar (up to a goal of $500,000) so that we can permanently endow this fund and leave a lasting legacy for our students.  

The Impact

Last year, thanks to alumni support of Carleton’s Fund for Good, I had the opportunity to work on a really interesting project as part of my 4th year program. I’m in the Faculty of Engineering and Design and we have a Capstone Design Project to round out our coursework. For this project, my classmates and I were tasked with creating a robot that would ease doctor-patient communication in rural communities.

This project was the hands-on experience I was looking forward to from my very first day at Carleton. I was the Project Coordinator for the Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device, or iTAD for short. The goal of this robot is to bridge the gap in remote communities where doctors and specialists may not be on site and people need their expertise. I’m proud to say that I, along with 27 other classmates, were able to create a functioning hospital robot.

iTAD can move around in a hospital setting and avoid obstacles, all while ensuring a continuous skype signal between the doctor and patient. The robot even has a functional arm which the doctor can use remotely to maneuver a light or a camera to examine the patient.

Working on iTAD was one of the best experiences I had at Carleton. It gave me the opportunity to combine my knowledge of mechanical engineering with robotics. I hope to work in the field of robotics when I graduate. Now, thanks to my Capstone experience, I have the hands-on skills and practical knowledge many employers are looking for.

I benefited from hands-on learning that goes beyond the classroom and I gained real-life skills I can take into the job market. Best of all, I was part of something that will make a positive impact in many lives.

I’m very grateful to thoughtful alumni like you who helped make it happen. Thanks to your generosity, students like me have the chance to make our mark in a real and meaningful way.

-Marie Leunissen

4th Year Student, Faculty of Engineering and Design



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