Give Carleton students the opportunity to truly realize their ability to change the world.

Support the Fund for Good, an endowed challenge fund for alumni to support academic experiential learning. This dollar-for-dollar matching challenge asks alumni like you to invest in community engagement and service–Carleton’s founding values, and the values upon which future grads can build a meaningful career.

The Background

Carleton was founded by the community to serve a community need. Though both have grown since the founding in 1942, Carleton has continuously maintained its strong presence and commitment to serving the community in which it was founded. It’s a value we also see in faculty, our students and our alumni. Together, through higher education, we give back to the community we serve.

Fund for Good is our chance to come together and create lasting change for future graduates. It’s our chance to help cultivate a new generation of leaders, and to celebrate the good that Carleton students and grads are doing on campus, throughout Canada and around the globe.

The Rollout

When you invest in Fund for Good, you’re giving students the opportunity to get engaged in their field of study beyond the classroom. Even more importantly, you’re giving students the opportunity to see and truly realize their ability to change the world.

Students of all academic backgrounds can apply to the fund for resources and support for out-of-classroom initiatives – opportunities that help them further their education but understand the impact they can have in the world at the same time. Not only does this enhance their education, it also helps continue to build upon Carleton’s founding spirit of community service, good citizenship and social good.

Carleton will match all gifts dollar for dollar (up to a goal of $500,000) so that we can permanently endow this fund and leave a lasting legacy for our students.  

The Impact

“I am a fourth-year student at Carleton University in the International and Global Studies program, specializing in Global Politics and minoring in African Studies. This past May, I went to Nairobi, Kenya and had an extraordinary experience learning about social media in the public sphere.

This incredible academic experience was only possible for me because of the Fund for Good. This endowed fund, created by donations from Carleton alumni – people like you, gives every student better access to experiential learning opportunities. For the past two years, hundreds of graduates have given to the Fund for Good to increase access to research, learning and community engagement here in Ottawa and all over the world.

How can you help? By donating to the Fund for Good and giving more students access to amazing opportunities like the one I was given. When I was in Nairobi, I got to engage with activists, politicians, academics, artists and entrepreneurs who are pivotal to creating the social discourse in their country It was inspirational to see the world I’m studying in person and I had that opportunity because of people like you. People who see the tremendous value in experiential learning.

This is our moment to rally together. To partner your vision for a better world with the resources and skills of the Carleton community. Help us to be ‘Here for Good’.

– Harar Hall, Bachelor of International and Global Studies, Class of 2019

Recent Backers

  • Carol McLean

    Amount donated: $100

  • Joseph Stalmach

    Amount donated: $48

  • Alan & Flora Keene

    Amount donated: $200

  • Ken Rosenberg

    Amount donated: $100

  • Anne Kennedy

    Amount donated: $50


    Amount donated: $75

  • Richard Maclure

    Amount donated: $500

  • Doug Forsyth

    Amount donated: $50

  • Karla Thorpe

    Amount donated: $150

  • George Mawussi

    Amount donated: $50

  • Norman Rath

    Amount donated: $50

  • Thomas McKenna

    Amount donated: $100

  • Malcolm Vant

    Amount donated: $100

  • Cecelia Taylor

    Amount donated: $25

  • Ross McMahon

    Amount donated: $50

  • Harry Blundell

    Amount donated: $200

  • Grace Chen

    Amount donated: $200

  • Barbara Hyde

    Amount donated: $1000

  • Abiodun Lewis

    Amount donated: $100

  • Trevor Ward

    Amount donated: $500

  • Neil Boyle

    Amount donated: $100

  • Sue Michaud

    Amount donated: $300

  • James Sullivan

    Amount donated: $500

  • Jacques and Donna Shore

    Amount donated: $360

  • Gordon Squires

    Amount donated: $350

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