Foot Patrol recently launched its Food Hamper delivery service in partnership with the CUSA Food Centre, delivering food donations to over 100 students in need between October 13th and November 6th. The initiative was launched in tandem with our establishment of a dedicated team of volunteer delivery drivers to meet our COVID-19 related distribution needs for our care kits and Borrow a First Aid Kit delivery and retrieval requests, and now supports service delivery throughout CUSA.

Unfortunately, our ability to continue offering delivery services is limited by our annual budget as we reimburse volunteers for their expenses. While we’re currently diverting funds from other projects to offer this service, we hope to help enable both the short-term sustainability of our initiatives and our long-term transportation needs through your generous support towards this FutureFunder campaign!

The Background

Foot Patrol is dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students throughout the Carleton community. We were started in 1990 by a few students that wanted to make sure everyone arrived home safety by offering to walk with them, ensuring no one had to walk alone. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer a variety of safety-oriented student support services while never losing focus of our founding goal. Some of these services include:

  • A Walk and Talk line, ensuring anyone can stay on the phone with us in the evenings if they’re walking alone or just want some company (we also currently operate a texting line for the duration of COVID-19)
  • Guardian Event Team services, providing support and direction to event attendees while helping ensure all individuals return home safely (on hold due to COVID-19)
  • The Borrow a First Aid Kit service, lending Carleton students a variety of free first aid kits for up to a month (currently offering free kit delivery and retrieval)
  • Our recent Food Hamper delivery service to provide emergency food support right to student’s doorsteps
  • Our recent COVID-19 Emergency Response support fund, providing short-term emergency and personalized support to students while they apply to dedicated COVID-19 relief funds

As we continue to expand our operations, we need your help!

The Rollout

We will use half of the funds to support our short-term operations, including the reimbursement of Foot Patrol delivery drivers’ gas expenses for Food Centre hamper deliveries, Foot Patrol care kit deliveries, Foot Patrol Borrow a First Aid Kit service deliveries and retrievals, and various other CUSA service centre delivery assistance.

We will reserve the other half of raised funds to invest in the acquisition of a Foot Patrol vehicle. A long-term goal for Foot Patrol, a vehicle would allow us to centralize our delivery services, drive students home from events or once busses have stopped operating at Carleton, and transport our event teams.

The Impact

Your donation will benefit short-term support services offered through Foot Patrol and other CUSA service centres while helping us obtain a vehicle to centralize our delivery operations and improve our service delivery. Supporting us helps us help others. Please consider donating if you’re able to!

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