Doug King has played many roles at Carleton since 1992.  Formal assignments included teacher, researcher, undergraduate and graduate program supervisors, and Chair of the department; but for so many it also included some combination of mentor and friend.  In May 2021 Doug lost a short but determined battle with cancer.  We aim to ensure that the contributions Doug made to Carleton are commemorated and celebrated as examples for the rest of us.

The Background

Doug cared deeply about the need for humans to recognize that we are part of broader ecosystems, which need to be appreciated and protected.  In his personal life he was passionate about sustainable outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing, and this also helped him incorporate a strong field research component in his research efforts.  Doug worked to use remote sensing and geospatial analysis to improve our ability to study the composition, strength, and health of vegetation.  This work both advanced the science of remote sensing and contributed important lessons for environmental management.  These passions make planting a commemorative tree a perfect fit for our cause.

The Rollout

Planting a commemorative tree on campus is a small gesture compared to the impact Doug has had, but it will help ensure that we remember his commitment and contributions.  A commemorative tree will also mean that new members of the Carleton family will have the opportunity to discover & learn about Doug’s contributions.

The Impact

A living memorial to Doug is the perfect way to share and educate current and future generations of the Carleton community.  We will make this memorial part of our broader educational and community outreach efforts to increase awareness of, and find solutions to, environmental challenges.

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