Inspire, Be Inspired, Leave a Legacy…

The Women in Science and Engineering – Carleton University (CU-WISE) Chapter was re-established in 2007. We are a student-run organization at Carleton University with a direct vision of supporting and celebrating women in the field related to science and engineering. Our primary objective is to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for women to come together and discuss creative ideas and take leadership roles, making them confident and voiceful in their future ventures. Our organization aims at personal and professional development, mainly focusing on networking, diversification, and equality in the Science and Engineering field. CU-WISE is the perfect example of women empowerment, portraying women as the leaders of today and tomorrow! 

The Background

With a big mission comes  big responsibility. Our goal to build professional networks within the Carleton and greater Ottawa community through numerous mentorship events can only be achieved with the help of our incredible donors. We constantly strive to become better and hope to gradually witness our vision turn into reality. In this continuous process, we experiment, improve, grow and engage (more virtually this time due to the current COVID situation) as an organization. Therefore, donating to CU-WISE not only means helping an organization survive, but it also keeps our fundamental idea of ‘Being Inspired, Inspiring, Leaving a Legacy!’ alive. So a little donation from your side can go a long way for a student-based volunteer organization like ours. 

The Rollout

Putting your hard-earned money into the right cause is our promise! A critical area that the donations will go into is our events, which consist of networking, panels, mentoring, professional development and STEM workshops , and mental health days. Because our events will primarily be virtual this year, and we want it to be accessible to all, we will be sending out kits for our STEM workshops that will include the necessary tools and fun tidbits. We want to gear these workshops to low income families because they have the least access to resources. Therefore, the cost of organizing and preparing these packages is something that would be covered by these donations. The focus of this initiative is to strengthen our bond and to create a sense of community  between Carleton and the Greater Ottawa Area.

The Impact

CU-WISE at Carleton has now become more than just a mere organization. It is now a community of female leaders, resolute in their vision, on the mission of inspiring others to do the same. It is now a beloved family that has tenderly loved, nurtured and mentored all its members, making them leaders, naturally leading to their comprehensive development. The members involved experience a profound sense of belonging in their respective fields because of the inclusive environment developed within this family. ‘Traditionally started with few but now includes many’ can indeed elicit the impacts of CU-WISE in the community. Be a positive change in the community by helping us in our mission to create a diversified and equal opportunity future for women in all STEM-fields. Donate to us today! 

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