Carleton University’s Synchronized Swimming Team is hoping to raise funds to reduce the cost per swimmer for the season. This, hopefully, will encourage more swimmers to swim with the club!

Our season runs September to end of February, with competitions in the winter semester. Competitions are held anywhere between Montreal to Sudbury and Western Canada every 4 years. Sometimes the drives are long and we want to encourage using the safest mode of transportation to competitions, but that’s not always the cheapest option. With the money raised, we can take buses to competitions, which would allow the whole club to travel together, safely and no team members have to drive other members (more time for rest!).

Our athletes train 3-4 times per week with some practices starting as early as 6am and ending as late as 10pm. The students involved in Synchronized swimming have made the time and financial commitment to swimming on top of being full time students. With all of their dedication we want to ensure it is financially feasible, allowing more swimmers to be able to make the commitment.

The Background

CU Ravens Synchronized Swimming Club is a group of students with a passion for swimming. There is a spot for everyone, whether they have synchronized swimming experience or not. The students dedicate themselves to the club for the majority of the school year, with some of the student athletes also taking on executive roles as well.

There are 3 competitions every season, with Nationals being at the end of February. We get to compete many others Universities and athletes. The competitions range from Montreal to the GTA or as far as Sudbury. Nationals are held in Western Canada once every 4 years.

Taking team buses to competitions is important to every member in the club because it takes the pressure off of athletes or coaches driving, and allows for the whole team to travel together. With the help of FutureFunder the club was able to take buses to all of the competitions 2 years ago including Guelph. We would like to do that again this year because we think it is very important for athletes to travel safely together.

The Rollout

The club is looking to raise $3000. This will cover the cost of a bus to one of our competitions as well as the hotel for the athletes, coaches and bus driver. All the money will be used towards club expenses regarding competitions. A team bus is a large investment but very necessary in order for the athletes to be at their peak mental and physical state going into competitions.

The Impact

The money raised will benefit every member of the club. It will ease the burden of club fees necessary for pool rental and the cost of uniforms. It will reduce stress for all athletes and coaches because they won’t have to drive to competitions, ensuring everyone is well rested and ready going into competitions.

Recent Backers

  • Sara Lafreniere

    Amount donated: $10

  • Sophia Brandt

    Amount donated: $50

  • Elise Bordeleau

    Amount donated: $100

  • Crystal Tait

    Amount donated: $25

  • Kali Aggelopoulos

    Amount donated: $4

  • Olivia Turner

    Amount donated: $100

  • Kali Aggelopoulos

    Amount donated: $150

  • Haley Aldred

    Amount donated: $100

  • Leah Murphy

    Amount donated: $100

  • Leah Murphy

    Amount donated: $100

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