This year, one member of the Old Crows who asked to remain anonymous has put up $10,000 in match money. What that means is that the first $10,000 donated to the football program will be matched twice – once by the university and again by the former Raven. A $1,000 donation would thus become a $3,000 donation to create triple the impact.

The purpose of this fund is to help Carleton University field a sustainable football team, support the academic and athletic needs of students and cement the Ravens as one of the premiere university football programs in Canada.

Philanthropy has been the foundation of Raven’s football success and community support is essential in building and maintaining a championship program that will not only compete but excel against the nation’s top programs.

The Rollout

This season one of our main priorities is to ensure the best possible support is in place for our players. One of the specific and critical ways that contributions from people like you helps, is to fuel our athletes with nutritious food.

As you can imagine, nutrition plays a huge role in athletic performance. It’s essential that our student-athletes are eating the right fuel to give them the strength and energy needed for optimal performance. It’s also an important factor in preventing fatigue and injury.

Our Ravens put about thirty hours a week into their passion of football with training practices, meetings, and workouts – and that’s on top of a full course load of classes. This balance is especially hard to maintain since they leave practice later in the evening and then have to make time to eat and study. As well, as students, not all of our players have the means to afford a nutritious meal when compared to cheaper options. With your donation, we can provide these athletes with healthy meals after practice, so that cost isn’t a barrier and they have more time to focus on their studies.

It’s vital to keep the team energized and healthy, so that they can give it their all on the field and in class.

The Impact

A message from Tanner, Quarterback and Criminology & Criminal Justice student

“To all of Carleton University’s generous donors and supporters:

I’d like to say thank you for your continued support and encouragement through these past 18 months. It’s been amazing to know that we have such a large support group that has been constantly committed to being a part of this program. I know I speak for the entire team and staff when I say we are all incredibly happy to be back doing what we love!



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