The Carleton Therapy Dog Program has been a support system for the student community for many years. The program is a useful outlet for students that need a break from their busy, work-heavy lives. These dogs always brighten students’ days and encourage students to take a break and interact with them even for just a few moments. These furry helpers have a vital role at the school and are in need of new dog vests with updated logos that match Carleton’s rebranding and new logo. The vests will allow our dogs to be safe, comfy, and identifiable to all students.

The Background

Therapy dogs can bring joy, comfort, and a sense of community to our campus. They help relieve stress of hardworking students, bring comfort, and provide emotional support. Acquiring new vests with the updated Carleton University logo can help strengthen the sense of community on campus. The new vests expand the professionalism, branding, and identification of the Carleton Therapy Dog Program.

The Rollout

We will use the funds from donors to purchase the vests as having the rebranded logos is very important for Carleton to stay consistent with their branding. The vests will set Carleton therapy dogs apart from service animals and really help with unifying therapy dog program brand and approach.

The Impact

Our goal is to support the Carleton Therapy Dog Program. By raising money for the new vests, it will increase the awareness of the dogs, and using social marketing tools, our goal is for the Carleton community to be further supported.

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