The Carleton Planetary Robotics Team (CPRT) is a student-run group a part of Carleton University from Ottawa, Canada aiming to design, build, and program a Mars Rover to compete in international competitions. Every year, our goal is to compete in the University Rover Challenge and the Canadian International Rover Challenge (hosted in Hanksville, Utah and Drumheller, Alberta).

The team is made up of over 150 undergraduate and graduate students from all the Faculty of Engineering and Design as well as the Faculty of Science.

The Background

Our cause is to make robotics open and accessible to anyone who wants to be apart of it! We provide members with an environment that encourages learning, and embraces failure in the interest of continuous improvement.

The Rollout

The funds will be used to assist in the research and development of the rover for the upcoming Canadian International Rover Competition. That would include stock material, travel fees, tools to fabricate, and components on the rover!

The Impact

As stated in the mission, CPRT’s mission is to make robotics open and accessible to anyone who is interested. This has a great impact on those who choose to embrace the team, as it gives them the opportunity to learn about robotics in an environment that will support them along the way. Professionally, the club gives members skills that they can take into the workforce, and personally, the club gives members a friendly and welcoming environment where connections are made.

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