The Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre (CDCC) is a magnificent venue for arts, culture, teaching and learning in Canada’s capital city. A place where scholars, artists and community members can work together to imagine and realize a brighter cultural future for our city and region. Its growing contributions and influence during the last three years are thanks to donors like you, community partners, and enthusiastic audiences of all ages.

The Rollout

The CDCC has accomplished great things with and for its community thanks to the generous support of donors like you. Gifts to the Priority Needs Fund will support the centre’s immediate needs as well as help fulfill long-term plans. Through your gift, you will not only support the CDCC and its students, but you will also bolster the city’s entire creative community and the impact it has on our region and nation.

As we look ahead, there are several CDCC priority areas through which you can invest in the future of arts in Ottawa.

Student Experience

Students interested in music, drama, public history, architecture and other disciplines will have unique learning opportunities. Bringing their academic studies together with practical knowledge, students will learn by supporting a diverse range of activities such as concerts, lectures, workshops, classes, conferences and exhibits at the CDCC. Alongside coursework, experiential learning gives students the skills, experience and confidence to reach their personal and professional goals and ultimately contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of the arts sector in Ottawa and beyond.

Instrument Acquisition and Maintenance

Carleton is committed to acquiring and preserving instruments that will ensure generations to come enjoy and delight in their sound. Costs include, but are not limited to, monthly tuning and cleaning costs, temperature regulation efforts and any emergency repairs or long-term maintenance needs.

Capital and Equipment Investments

Capital priorities include revitalizing spaces and outfitting them with modern equipment, while retaining the building’s historical and heritage characteristics. Projects such as: adding an art gallery, screening room, expanded green room facilities, additional recording studio; creating more flexible meeting and performance spaces; and improvements in building accessibility. Together, these improvements contribute to an inclusive arts and culture space that can meet the needs of the city’s diverse artists, performers, creatives and community members.

The Impact

Donors have played a pivotal role in the CDCC’s evolution so far, making the following possible:

  • Purchasing equipment and making infrastructure upgrades to support a quick and effective transition to livestreaming – a lifeline to arts organizations during the pandemic.
  • Revitalizing spaces and outfitting them with modern equipment, while retaining the building’s historical and heritage characteristics – renovations have included an extension of the main stage (which is now able to accommodate a full orchestra and choir), the landscaping and rejuvenation of the centre’s garden, and the creation of a sound and recording studio.
  • Providing stipends to students participating in the Carleton University-Ottawa Symphony Orchestra partnership – an artistic collaboration that will give Carleton students experience with intimate chamber ensemble and larger orchestra settings.
  • The majestic and beloved 5,179-pipe Casavant Pipe Organ returned to the CDCC after a restoration made possible through donor support. Other large keyboard instruments are also finding a home at the CDCC: including a harpsichord, various pianos, and a practice carillon resembling the “Voice of the Nation” carillon in Parliament’s Peace Tower.

Gifts receive a charitable tax receipt. For more information on ways to become involved with and support the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre, please contact Claire Lewis, Senior Development Officer, at 613-520-2600, ext. 3053, or claire.lewis@carleton.ca

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