The Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (CUSEC) is one of Canada’s largest
student-run tech conferences. For the past 19 years, CUSEC has provided networking
opportunities for thousands of students and industry professionals alike. The conference unites
students nationwide and enables attendees to discover knowledgeable speakers, connect with
sponsoring companies, and make lifelong friends.

Our sponsors have always been the heart of the conference and are essential in providing
learning experiences through career fairs, workshops, social events and more. The conference
provides sponsors a unique opportunity to connect with delegates from across the country
ranging from first-year students to recent graduates.

The Background

Last year, CUSEC united close to 500 students in person from over 20 different universities
across Canada. This year, we are shifting to a virtual conference in the highest regard for the
safety of all participants, students, sponsors and industry professionals alike. We see this as a
great opportunity to unite more students from around Canada virtually.

As an attendee, we have the opportunity to meet hundreds of other like-minded and driven students in one weekend, and connect with innovative talent from several of Canada’s top universities. CUSEC creates an immersive environment that allows for a professional yet social atmosphere for company
representatives to participate in.

The Rollout

As a result of COVID-19 we are asking for support from the Carleton community to help us raise funding to lower ticket costs for Carleton students. We have a two-tier breakdown of both a free tier and a VIP tier ($25). We are hoping to minimize the amount of money students would have to pay by raising as much funding as possible so that all interested students may attend.

The Impact

The vision of CUSEC is to foster a community where those in the tech industry can share experiences, connect with one another and make long lasting friends. We are seeking to connect students from across Canada virtually this year and it is our hope that we can continue this vision through 2021 as well! Thank you for your support!

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