Thanks to the generosity of our campus community, our original goal of $20,000 was quickly met and exceeded! Bursary support is an important priority at Carleton; the more donation funding available, the more financial aid there is for our students. We hope you will continue to support this important initiative!

As a community, Carleton faculty and staff – present and retired – are encouraged to support financial aid for deserving students. The Campus Community Campaign Bursary has been offered since 2006, and helps deliver on our mandate to give back to our community, providing people with the social and common goods of education and opportunity.

The Background

Bursaries are financial-need based awards that do not have to be repaid. The intention of the undergraduate bursary program is to supplement students’ primary sources of funding such as OSAP, loan funding from a financial institution or the students jobs necessary to fund a higher education.

Words of appreciation from Crystal Cobus, Bursary Recipient:

“Knowing there is a team of people passionate enough about higher education to provide bursaries for students like me pushes me to work hard and strengthens my determination. I highly value the amazing education I’m getting at Carleton, and I’m grateful to the donors who have helped.”

The Rollout

Your support today will allow our university to offer bursaries to a new wave of smart, dedicated Carleton students.

Our goal to raise $20,000 will increase funding available for Campus Community Campaign Bursaries.

The Impact

Bursaries allow smart, dedicated students access to the exceptional education and great experiences for which Carleton is known.

Recent Backers

  • Stefan Dickerson

    Amount donated: $250

  • Shana Boland

    Amount donated: $25

  • Elizabeth DiSabato

    Amount donated: $365

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Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.