Blackbird UAV is a group of passionate and motivated students at Carleton University who design, manufacture, and operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to compete in the annual national student competition hosted by Unmanned Systems Canada (USC).

This year, the team is tasked with innovating a promising medical delivery method to travel routes and distances that are not conveniently accessed by conventional methods. By implementing our knowledge of design, we hope to build a successful system of unmanned vehicles to aid in the delivery of biological samples between facilities, delivering medication to the homes and hospital rooms of patients, and reaching individuals in need of life-saving medical attention sooner than an ambulance.

The Background

Blackbird UAV strives to create a community to generate interest and awareness for students and the public through competition, research and development, and industry outreach. We aim to provide students with an opportunity to work in a structured team environment with industry-driven objectives to continuously learn and improve together in aspects of airframe design, modern manufacturing methods, and computer systems integration to develop solutions and enhance the capabilities of UAV missions for the betterment of society.

The Rollout

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual competition scheduled for May 2020 was reschueled to May 2021 with additional project design requirements. Our planned vehicle designs had to be re-assessed in efforts to meet the eligibility guidelines. In most instances, our designs now require more material and equipment. A large portion of the gracious support we receive from the community will be allocated towards purchasing and upgrading necessary parts of our unmanned vehicles and obtaining pilot licenses for students to prepare for the annual competition. The collected funds will also aid in covering the costs of transportation to the competition in Manitoba.

The Impact

Blackbird UAV aims to leave a positive mark in the community by collaborating with industry professionals to provide unique learning and professional development opportunities for students to implement in their careers. The members of the team recognize the endless possibilities UAV’s provide to the future of the health care, agriculture, and conservation industries to save time, resources, and lives!

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