EngFrosh is a week-long celebration of the new undergraduate students entering the Faculty of Engineering and Design (FED) at Carleton University. It stands as an orientation to all things Ottawa, Carleton, and FED.

EngFrosh provides incoming students a chance to connect with their new classmates, meet their lifelong friends, and get to know all the ins and outs of life as an Engineering and Design student. The week’s activities foster a positive social environment for undergraduate studies, while providing an introduction to elements of Engineering and Design. The memories made during EngFrosh last a lifetime – we know, because after more than 20 years, engineering professionals around the world still share stories about their Carleton EngFrosh!

Countless members of the Carleton University Alumni Association – Engineering Chapter (CUAA-ENG) have taken part in EngFrosh in one way or another. Over the last few years, CUAA-ENG has volunteered time and campaigned for donations to help make each EngFrosh the most memorable and enjoyable week on record.

The Background

Last year the format of EngFrosh underwent a transformation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and was completely virtual. This year, a hybrid model, with some in-person and many online events will take place. The adjusted format has led to exciting challenges and opportunities to create an all new program, while delivering the same enjoyable and memorable experience.

The Carleton Alumni Association – Engineering Chapter has supported EngFrosh for the last several years, providing financial and staffing support for events like the Market Day Lunch and the iconic Boat Building and Racing Competition. Hopefully these events will return in 2022, but this year, a new event has been created. CUAA-ENG is thrilled to support this event, inspired by the events of the past: The RC Vehicle Building Competition!

This year’s event will bring first-year student teams together with upper-year students for an all-new challenge. Teams will design radio controlled (RC) vehicles which will be constructed and raced at a live event. Aside from their vehicles, the new students will build friendships and teamwork skills, all while working towards victory. Alumni will be on hand to provide mini-challenges, allowing extra supplies to be unlocked – putting an edge on the competition and providing a chance to learn about what to expect through their time at Carleton. Just like past years, you can use your donation to help choose a “mystery must-use” component via the donation ladder!

Although 2021 presents some new challenges, we hope to keep the spirit and excitement alive through this new event and format. Over the last 20 years, close to 10,000 people have participated in EngFrosh, and we want to help bring this new group of students into the fold. With your modest donation, we can reach our goal of $1500 and show the new class just how great it is to be a part of the C-Eng Community.

The Rollout

To realize our vision and make this year’s EngFrosh just as exciting, engaging, and inclusive as all the years before, we hope to raise $1500.00. With these funds, CUAA-ENG and EngFrosh Organizers acquire supplies and materials for the competition. By supporting this campaign, you’re supporting students’ creativity in engineering and design in a collaborative and engaging environment. With your donation, you’re helping to deliver an orientation program that will be remembered for years to come, showing the incoming class of C-Eng the community is there for them.

As usual, we want to make sure your donations don’t go unnoticed by the new students. Alumni volunteers will be on hand to engage with students as they unlock useful vehicle components. We’ll also be sure to remind students that it was you, the alumni, who helped choose the “mystery must-use” item. Donate early to get your vote in!

We’ll provide status updates here on FutureFunder so that you can keep track of the campaign!

The Impact

The First Benefit:
Raising money for these events and challenges helps to reduce the financial burden EngFrosh for new students. EngFrosh has a student registration fee, but it is also supported by the sponsorship they receive. Every little bit helps!

The Second Benefit:
The events and challenges put on by CUAA-ENG during EngFrosh draws friends of Carleton back to support an event that helped shape their own undergraduate experience. It helps connect Carleton to the Alumni and Ottawa community. Be it donations, volunteering, or mentor support, every time alumni return back to Carleton, it enhances the experience for the current students, and helps build the prestige and reputation of the University itself.

The Third Benefit:
This campaign will help to support the transition of the program to the new hybrid format, while keeping it just as exciting and engaging as previous years. With this boost to the EngFrosh budget, you’re helping students start their journey to becoming Professional Engineers. By supporting the CUAA-ENG campaign, you’re giving the new students an opportunity to engage with working Engineers through the events, so they can get a clear picture of what their exciting future holds.

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