EngFrosh is a week-long celebration of the new undergraduate students entering the Faculty of Engineering and Design (FED) at Carleton University. It stands as an orientation to all things Ottawa, Carleton, and FED. At EngFrosh, students discover their best friends, their favourite hang-out spots, and get to know their upper-year peers and mentors. The week of activities helps shape the academic experience, and fosters a positive social experience during undergraduate studies. The memories made during EngFrosh last a lifetime – we know, because after more than 20 years, engineering professionals around the world still share stories about their time at Carleton EngFrosh!

Countless members of the Carleton University Alumni Association – Engineering Chapter (CUAA-ENG) have taken part in EngFrosh in one way or another. Over the last few years, CUAA-ENG has volunteered time and campaigned for donations to help make each EngFrosh the most memorable and enjoyable week on record.

The Background

One of the longest running activities at EngFrosh is the Boat Builidng & Racing Competition. For more than 20 years, EngFrosh students have been designing and building vessels with whatever material they can find, building friendships and teamwork skills along the way. Historically, material for boat-building was found and scavenged from just about anywhere. For the safety of the students, both physically and legally, these days we provide the material – but that doesn’t mean we tell them where it is! Through scavenger hunts and skills challenges, the Frosh have to work together to acquire materials to make their boats a success. Of course, success is measured by how quickly they can cross the finish line with four occupants!


Nearly 10,000 people have participated in this program over the last 20 years. Despite this, each year generous donations from fewer than 20 people make it possible to reach our goal. Although our financial goal is $3000, our hope is to see a record number of donors – we encourage you to donate to highlight the impact EngFrosh had on your time at Carleton.


Even the smallest donation can help to show the incoming students how incredible it is to be part of the C-Eng community.

The Rollout

To realize our vision to make this year’s EngFrosh an inclusive, challenging, and engaging experience, we hope to raise $3000.00. With these funds, CUAA-ENG and EngFrosh Organizers will be able to collect and purchase materials for design challenges, which helps us plan exciting and academically relevant activities!

The Impact

The First Benefit:
Raising money for these events and challenges helps to reduce the financial burden EngFrosh for new students. EngFrosh has a student registration fee, but it is also supported by the sponsorship they receive. Every little bit helps!

The Second Benefit:
The events and challenges put on by CUAA-ENG during EngFrosh draws friends of Carleton back to support an event that helped shape their own undergraduate experience. It helps connect Carleton to the Alumni and Ottawa community. Be it donations, volunteering, or mentor support, every time alumni return back to Carleton, it enhances the experience for the current students, and helps build the prestige and reputation of the University itself.

The Third Benefit:
For incoming students, EngFrosh, and the design challenges it includes are invaluable. Students get their first taste of the team work and community that is necessary to be a Professional Engineer. With alumni mentors nearby, new students have the opportunity to meet working engineers as they take part in the events. For EngFrosh Volunteers, these events help develop leadership skills, while also serving as an opportunity to network with future employers and co-workers. These events make the experience world class, and turn our orientation week into something no other school can offer.

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