Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACMP) is dedicated to supporting Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) undergraduate and graduate students and various racialized students in accessing resources that contribute to their overall success. ACMP aims to contribute to student advancement and positive experiences through events and workshops surrounding: applying to graduate school; financial literacy; confidence building, and much more.  By advocating for an inclusive campus, ACMP’s mission is to support students through unique and quality mentorship.

The Background

Created in 2018, the Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program aims to help students overcome the implications of radicalization that contributes to social and academic exclusion. ACMP has received an overwhelmingly positive response from students, faculty and the community. ACMP is the first group of its kind at Carleton and offers community, mentorship and outreach for racialized students on campus.

The Rollout

By funding this initiative, donors are giving African, Caribbean, Black and other racialized students the opportunity to have monthly events and workshops which contribute to their academic and professional careers.  The latest ACMP event, “More Than Networking,” encourages students to be confident members of the Ottawa community by teaching them how to network. This event will include Afro-Caribbean Professionals, and many other community members from different ethnic groups, to participate in teaching students how to network, while networking with them. ACMP events, such as this, create inclusive spaces for students while also contributing to building a stronger Ottawa community.

The Impact

“The initiative being taken at ACMP was inspiring to watch and is a facet of student life that needs to be addressed. The skills that are being offered through this program provide benefits that many like myself have been searching for our whole youth and still are in young adulthood.” – Ahmed Abdi (4th year Sociology/Sociology head of Sociology and Anthropology Student Association)

“It is appreciated. The students really valued your talk, as many of them could relate. You’re making those connections! Keep on going.” – Professor Allison Everett

“Having a group like ACMP is so important for students of colour. It was so inspiring to see the Afro-Caribbean community come together in such a positive way. As a student I’m looking forward to the opportunities ACMP offers” –  Ose Omoregie (3rd year Social Work)

“Thank you so much for facilitating this awesome workshop I learned a lot even after passing through grad school myself! ” – Anonymous

“Just wanted to let you know that I found this a fantastic idea. Thanks for doing that!”-Anonymous

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